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Welcome to My Page! Thank you for visiting! RICKSTRONG FOREVER!!

Julie Bradley

Dear Friends,

Throughout the past three years, my brother Rick has fought a rare non-smoker’s lung cancer with intense treatments including chemo, radiation, cyber-knife and clinical trial drugs. He and his wife Karan have traveled extensively seeking knowledge and becoming experts on lung cancer and treatment options. His strength, courage and unfailing determination has been an inspiration to us all.

Bonnie Addario and her Lung Cancer Foundation has been a guiding light, leading the way to find the next treatment option when the current one failed; we are grateful to her beyond all measure! When the road starts to twist and turn, we call Bonnie on her cell phone and say, “Help!” And she ALWAYS does.

Team RickStrong will once again be walking this month in support of this organization that helps Rick continue to fight. They are hands-on help for patients, as well as driving new treatment options. Please sponsor me as I walk alongside my brother; NO AMOUNT IS TOO SMALL!! As always, we are so appreciative of your love, prayers and encouragement along this difficult road. Thank you!!

Love, Julie & Family
Team RickStrong

Please watch Bonnie’s video below to learn more about what her foundation is working on… you’ll see Rick, Karan and the RickStrong Team along the way!



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1. CLCharles Lahr
Good luck with the walk Julie and go RickStrong!!! Charlie Lahr
2. CHChristine Hansen
What an amazing Foundation! I'm praying for all of you.
3. JJane & Ron Schagrin
Supporting you and all you do for so many others.
4. CCindy Johnson DiBernardo
You and your family are always in my thoughts and prayers??????
5. BBeau Bradley
Go Momma go!
6. BIBarbara Iacino
Julie, this donation is from Mary Kay Gallagher. She wanted you to know that she supports your cause... Barbara Iacino
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